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          The Best Residential and mercial Cleaning Services in Chicago

          Clean House, Clean Business, Clean Mind


          Master Green Cleaning
          837 N. Western Ave 2N
          Chicago, IL 60622

          Why us?

            At Master Green Cleaning we offer a high-quality professional cleaning services for your home and business in Chicago area.

            We modify our cleaning services to suit your needs, giving you full control of your cleaning needs.

            We understand the difficulty of maintaining a clean home or business, especially when you have other more important things to take care of.

            We will ensure that we treat your home or business the same way we would treat our own. We strive to ensure the top quality of services that will leave every room of your home spotless and you satisfied.

            We clean apartments, condos, townhouses, businesses, restaurants, and corporate offices.

          House Cleaning Services Chicago

          Let’s be honest, cleaning is not the most glamorous thing you could be doing on any given day. Cleaning countertops, tables and chairs is one thing, but moping and vacuuming? Not to mention the time it takes…time that could be spent doing other more productive things like cooking a new meal, taking your daughter to her dance recital, or simply kicking back to watch the Bulls hit the hardwood.

          That’s where we e in. We do the dirty work – literally. From sanitizing and deodorizing your bathroom, to cleaning the windows, emptying the wastebaskets, and even changing the bed linens – yes we do that too.

          Your satisfaction. Guaranteed.

          We guarantee to leave you feeling satisfied with the quality of our service. Over the years we have proven to be dependable as well as providing many different cleaning regimes, each of which we customize to your needs.

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          or call 1-312-912-4263

          Master Green Cleaning - Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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          Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

          Our experienced and qualified staff has an eye for details. They spent their whole lives learning the trade so they can provide you with the highest standard of cleaning. We offer Chicago house cleaning, mercial & office cleaning, condo cleaning and more. Give us a call today!

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          or call 1-312-912-4263

          Chicago Cleaning Service

          The office can be a dirty, grimy place, riddled with germs and dust, a veritable cesspool of disease-carrying equipment. pounding the problem is how busy any given pany can get. Keeping your office space truly and fully clean is the least of your worries. But we can fix that. We will take care of the cleaning, while you focus on making money and making your business as successful as possible. Our mercial cleaning services are perfect for any environment, including offices, stores, hotels, and clubs.

          Your schedule. We are flexible.

          We adapt our service around your schedule. We are available for hire weekly and bi-weekly. We also do one-time special occasion cleaning appointments.

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          or call 1-312-912-4263

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